Beach Front Studio
Beach Front Studio
Beach Front Studio
Beach Front Studio

Beach Front Studio

A wide range of studio rooms are provided in our resort. We have 12 beachfront studio rooms and each of them has a unique style. The rooms have complete facilities incorporated with  their wide living area .

Coconut grove

As our resort is nestled among coconut groves, we have incorporated the beautiful element of green coconut trees  into the design of this room to bring out the delightful ambience of the coconut grove. This room has a spacious 62 sqm. area plus its special feature of a wheelchair access, bathroom handles and non-slippery floor suitable for families with elderly people.

Moon beam

For those who love the night sky view this room is perfect for you. This room is 52 sqm. and the night view from this room is magnificent , especially on full moon nights. Under the beautiful moonlight, you can enjoy your memorable nights  among the romantic atmosphere of this room.


The bright red and pink tone of this room represents passionate love feelings. In this 56 sqm area we provide complete facilities. The design of this room is outstanding with colors and a romantic decoration style. Suitable for couples or anyone who likes a lovely atmosphere.

Sand castle

Turn on your vacation mode and enjoy your holiday in this cozy “Sand Castle’ room. The Sand Castle Room is inspired by the creamy sandy beach of Ba Kan Tiang Bay. We designed this room with a warm, light color that brings a lively vibe to our guests. You will feel the ambience of joy and relaxation the minute you walk in. This room is 52 sqm. and located in the perfect spot on the ground floor. The highlight is the picturesque scene of the Andaman Sea from the room.

Sea breeze

As the name suggests, this room offers a refreshing feeling of being in the breezy fresh air from the sea. The design incorporates the cool blue color scheme in order to enhance the feeling of sea breeze. The room is perfectly located on the second floor that gives a panoramic view of the bay where you enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is impossible to be bored of.

Sea shell

This comfortable room is located on the ground floor. Outstanding with its coastal style design, beautifully decorated with sea shells, combined with its soft color interior. Offer a calm atmosphere all around the room. Convenient, spacious 62 sqm of space and complete facilities are provided. In front of the room is a serene view of the sea through the green coconut trees that you can enjoy watching throughout your stay.

South sea

The room is outstanding with the design that is inspired by the uniqueness of local Thai southern arts. We design this room with the light blue color which reminds us of the pretty blue sea. In order to bring the southern shore atmosphere close to our guests. The room is 62 sqm. You can enjoy living in  this spacious and beautiful room.


This is 52 sqm. room. The starfish room is designed to give a cozy and relaxing vibes with its beautiful soft purple tone. The room has a spacious balcony where you can enjoy watching the spectacular view of the Ba Kan Tiang beach.

Starry night

Convenient with a capacious 60 sqm area. The best part is its marvelous interior design that represents the feeling of watching the twinkling stars at night. Stand out with the vivid blue color of the room and the reflective mirror. Cherish your romantic nights under the stars in this sparkling room.


Phra Nang Lanta is one of the best places to watch  the sun shining above us. We are inspired by the color of Lanta’s sun. The room is well designed to be bright and cheerful like a very nice day in summer. Perfect for those who love the touch of the sea since this room is located on the ground floor near the beach. Only a  few steps away from the beach. We guarantee that you will enjoy the beautiful  sea view from the room.


The big tamarind tree that gracefully grows in the room’s back garden motivated us to create this room with the intention to give the ambience of being in the beautiful tropical coast. The Tamarind room is perfectly located in front of the beach and the room will give you a magnificent sea view and beautifully decorated with natural colors and the softest shade of green that is inspired by tamarind’s leaves . This room is perfect if you are looking for a pretty, cozy , spacious (60 sqm) and convenient room with a stunning sea view.


Thai people believe that lotus flowers represent ‘wisdom’. The ‘Wisdom’ room is inspired by this belief to express Thainess. Unique with its cool tone colors from lotus flowers mixed with light color, the grade of the blooming lotus as its muse to create a feeling of peace and enlightenment. During your stay, guests will be surrounded by a peaceful ambience. This room is pleasant with the capacious area of 65 sqm. and outstanding with the design.


  • Individually controlled air conditioner
  • Balcony
  • Wi-Fi
  • IDD Telephone
  • Cable LCD TV
  • Safe Box
  • Coffee/tea making facilities
  • Minibar
  • Refrigerator
  • Closet
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Toiletries
  • Bathrobes
  • Hair dryer
  • Slippers
  • Beach towels
  • Umbrella
  • Cloths hangers
  • Bed options : Double or Twin bed
Other Rooms

Beach Front Suite

Vacation Village Phra Nang Lanta has a few suite rooms for you to choose from. They are luxury and boutique. With add-on facilities to make you more enjoyable during your stay. A wide range of the sizes are offered, start from 59 to 83 sqm.